Award Winning Author

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A Powerful New Book Release

From ward-winning author Kaylin McFarren comes a powerful novel about love, loss, and the power of forgiveness…

Successful yet emotionally stifled artist Kate Flaherty stands at the deathbed of her estranged father, conflicted by his morphine-induced confession exposing his part in her mother’s death. While racing home, Kate’s car mishap leads her to a soul-searching discussion with a lone diner employee, prompting Kate to confront the true reasons her marriage hangs in the balance. When her night takes an unexpected turn, however, she flees

for her life, a life desperate for faith that can only be found through her ability to forgive.
Kaylin is proud to announce that 100% of her proceeds from the sale of FLAHERTY’S CROSSING will be designated to cancer research and you can make a difference!

Fish & Sand

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I love fishing. I also love water. Note that fish like water too. Therefore, why fish where there is no water. That’s like fishing where there are no fish.

Havin A Bad Hair Day

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If so, the question is “what’s you’re major malfunction”. Mine is the silent treatment being thrown at me. You know, out of sight, out of mind more properly said “there are some people that believe that if they pretend a situation doesn’t exists, it will simply not require accountability on there part.

Oh well, time, time, tiiiimmmmeeeee, is on my side, yes it is.

Principles For Living A Happy Life

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Just imagine spending 40 days and 40 nights in the Teton Mountains and surrounding areas. The beauty, nature, peace, wonderful moments, beautiful sunsets and endless hours of being far from the hustle bustle of life.

Author Eric Zehnder did just that. When Author Eric Zehnder traveled to the Teton Mountains in Wyoming something very profound happened. He started writing quality sayings.

Eric went on to write 4,000 sayings in just 40 days while in the mountains. He then went on to write 8,000 more sayings and has amassed a personal library of over 12,000 sayings.

This book is a collection of wise, fun and humorous sayings. If you read a few, you will be entertained. However, if you apply the sayings in this book to everyday life situations, they will help put you on the path to living a victorious life.

Order your copy now at:

Overcoming Confusion

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Have you ever noticed that confusion breeds confusion. That unstable situations produce more instability. That those whom lack balance are always balancing on a fine line of being out of balance. That lack of perspective runs it’s course which is more confusion?

Stay far from these things.

Made In The USA

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Now that is something that needs to be re birthed. Made in the USA. Maybe our economy wouldn’t be in shambles if Made In The USA was replaced by made in China and sold in the USA. Now don’t get me wrong, I believe in free trade, however…. come on here.

The Kids Will Love It

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The Child Who Learned Dreams Come True is dedicated to children and the child deep within us all. That child who loves to dream, that loves adventure, that believes and hopes for great things.

You see, we all dream. Dreams are a part of our character. They encourage us, mentor us, help us to process life, and even help us to find greatness deep within.

Available online everywhere or at your local bookstore.